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    Global Church Learning Center houses more than 70 interactive training curriculum courses by renowned Christian leaders. This global curriculum is expandable to more than 100 training courses from every major world region. Part of the Global Church Learning Center is the Global Church Library, designed to augment these phenomenal courses and to become the international bank of the finest Christian resources in the world. All courses are tailored to be visually attractive, doctrinally-vital, interactively engaging and able to be distributed through personal downloads and Internet streaming.

    The Global Objectives are time tested in every world region. Each pastor or leader will discover each training course has been prepared with various cultures in mind. These global objectives bring focus to each training session. The pastor/leader will find each segment to be stimulating and rewarding.

    The Top Forty courses are considered “core,” as high-priority topics essential to introducing the topic or as a refresher study. The studies are sequenced for progression in level of difficulty, but are without prerequisites and can be accessed on an “as needed” basis. The five points of global knowledge include:

    • Leadership Development
    • Global Missions
    • Church Multiplication
    • Evangelism & Discipleship
    • Visionary Networking
    GCLC Global Objectives
    BSN Curriculum Vision

    It is intended that new church plantings over the next ten to fifteen years will be led by pastors who have worked through the Global Church Learning Center curriculum studies and for pastors who want to grow in their personal and professional ministries. At the same time, BSN does not compete with Bible Schools, Institutes or Seminaries, as BSN does not replace nor compete with ordination of men and women for ministry.

    The following two illustrations demonstrate the collective power of the Top Fourty Core Courses, as well as the overall process of progression of the Global Church Learning Center.Each of these dynamic courses has been developed into fifteen sessions of six minutes each. This GCLC approach allows the pastor/leader to learn at the highest possible level. Rather than learning everything that there is on a particular topic, the teacher has provided the very essence of the most important concepts in each topic. Additionally, each person can learn at his/her own rate, without feeling pressured to finish each course as fast as possible. It’s called “Just-in-Time training!”

    Levels of Progression

    Top 40

    In addition to the Top Forty Core Courses, are Sixty more Global Church Learning Center ministry electives. These sixty electives are all designed in the same cutting edge methodology, but continue to move the pastor/leader through higher levels of knowledge and application for powerful results. Each global teacher has provided wisdom, knowledge and application from life experiences and from personal study that will provide dynamic outcomes for pastors everywhere.

    The philosophy behind the Global Church Learning Center is that the Church has moved from the “West going to the Rest” to the “Best worldwide going to the Rest worldwide.” Each pastor and team will discover that this global/local teaching has never been offered before in the Body of Christ.

    The Billion Soul Network is offering this global church training in three levels of memberships, plus a Billion Soul Scholarship. These packages are “The Core Membership,” the “Unlimited Membership” and the “Unlimited Team Membership.” Billion Soul Scholarships must be applied for, reviewed and then a confirmation letter sent to the pastor or leader.

    Top 60 Elective Courses

    Steps Toward a Bachelors or Masters Degree

    The Billion Soul® Network and University of Valley Forge have forged a synergistic, global relationship through the Global Church Learning Center®. A Christian leader, from anywhere in the world, has the opportunity to take GCLC courses toward a Bachelors or Masters Degree. Your GCLC course work will become an equivalent up to 25% of a Bachelors or Masters Degree (saving thousands of dollars).

    The rest of your degree program can be completed online through University of Valley Forge. All Billion Soul Network Members receive 20% off UVF tuition rates for BA or MA programs.

    As BSN continues to build out the GCLC academic platform, Christian leaders will be able to receive 75% toward a Bachelors or Masters degree. All GCLC members will be informed when this is finalized.

    The cost and time savings are enormous! It is now possible for a leader to obtain the finest teaching/training while continuing part-time or full-time in ministry without incurring astronomical debt. Also, the person does not have to “stop what he/she is doing” and relocate to a new city in order to receive the ministry training that will help that person be successful in fulfilling his/her divine destiny.

    The necessary steps are:

    • Fill out the GCLC Academic Application (A non-refundable $35 fee is required). Click here to download the application. Fill it out; scan it and email it back to nichole@billion.tv.
    • Once your GCLC Academic Application is accepted, your tuition cost is only $595 per year until you have completed the courses that comprise the Global Church Learning Center Certificate.
    • Click here to see the complete list of courses. These courses can be completed in less than a year. Your tuition gives you complete access to all GCLC courses and the Global Church Library.
    • Once you have completed your GCLC Certificate, you will be eligible to transition to UVF to complete your degree program.

    The non-refundable application fee is $35.00. In order to enroll or obtain further information call 417.861.6645 and ask for Nichole Stevens. Nichole will be able to answer specific questions and email a Global Church Learning Center application to you.

    Top 60 Elective Courses

    Dr. Don Meyer & Dr. James O. Davis